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  • Halvard Simonsen

    Halvard Simonsen

    Rådgiver i Simpleness

  • Aasta Uri

    Aasta Uri

  • Ingeborg Norshus

    Ingeborg Norshus

  • Kjell-Jakob Krohn

    Kjell-Jakob Krohn

    Business Advisor at SpareBank 1 Forsikring (insurance) #eBusiness #innovation #businessdevelopment

  • Ginger Lee Kretschmer

    Ginger Lee Kretschmer

    Data machines!

  • Ole Henrik Golf

    Ole Henrik Golf

    Co-founder & consultant @Userlab. Passionate about sustainability, startups, education and the future of mankind. Facilitator & speaker @skapfhs.

  • Silje Gabrielsen

    Silje Gabrielsen

    Designer at Hiro Futures. Our team of robot engineers, software developers and designers are working on the future of human-machine collaboration. 🤖

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